"Why Saint Michael’s College?" – Every applicant is asked to write a brief answer to that question. The answers convey so much about hopes and dreams and what makes St. Mike’s so special. So here, in their own words and with their permission, are their answers.

Julianna – Granby, CT

Granby, CT

Saint Michael’s College is a place where I truly believe I will thrive. Saint Michael’s has a strong commitment to a globalized learning experience. With this comes a commitment to diversity as well. Saint Michael’s looks to encourage conversation between all backgrounds and identities, which is something that is forever invaluable to me.

As a liberal arts college, Saint Michael’s also prepares its students for success in a variety of different fields from nueroscience to religious studies. Saint Mike’s does not intend just to teach facts, it intends to teach critical thinking and countless other skills that are vital in an ever-changing world. At Saint Mike’s, students are taught to be successful people, not just to be successful. I have seen first-hard that graduates come out as global citizens who know how to handle themselves in the most challenging situations.

Finally, with a student to faculty ratio or 12:1 students are also given a more personalized education one cannot find at a larger institution. A smaller student body also fosters a sense of community, which I have experienced first-hand in my hometown, and would love to experience at college. It is evident that being a part of Saint Michael’s would mean being part of a close-knit family.

Saint Mike’s is a place where I know I will be successsful because of their commitment to a liberal arts education that fosters critical thinking and prepares students for prosperity in the real world.

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