"Why Saint Michael’s College?" – Every applicant is asked to write a brief answer to that question. The answers convey so much about hopes and dreams and what makes St. Mike’s so special. So here, in their own words and with their permission, are their answers.

Monique – Wethersfield, CT

Wethersfield, CT

I am rather frustrated to come across this question. It is a beautiful fall day, a slight breeze the only thing that offsets the warmth from the battering sunlight. And I have been stuck inside for hours working on filling out all types of forms to try and fit the “perfect student” mold. The reason that I am interested in St. Mikes is that they break that mold.They help their students reach for the stars and beyond. When I toured the school, I felt as if there was an intense focus on helping the students be the best that they can be. As opportunities of community service, outdoor adventures, and many extracurriculars were detailed, I found myself wanting to attend Saint Mikes more and more.I always tell people that I’m going to be a whole new person when I attend college. I have been doing dance and cheerleading for my entire life, which are both things that I love very much but I feel like I have the potential to be so much more than a cheerleader. At St Mikes I feel as if I could be on the dance team and participate in inter-mural sports. I could do community service but also have time to go for my daily run. I could have a job but also go out with friends. St Mikes inspired me to want to be my best next year in college, to push and achieve my dreams. This is why I want to attend St Mikes.

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